Minister Jill Hillman

Thank you so much for your very generous donation to County Line United Methodist Church to start and fund The Sunday School Breakfast Program. Since the Program started on May 6, our Sunday School attendance has increased and four children from the local community have joined the church and were recently baptized. This program is [...]

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Ingrid hunter

My dear Pastor and friend, Dr. Roe Nall, Jr., thank you for all you did to make my 70th Surprise Party “one for the books!” Thank you for your generous gift and your presence! Knowing how jam packed your schedule is, it meant a lot to me that you MADE time to come and help [...]

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Gaytra and Mar Jackson

Blessed are the servant-hearted who shine with the Master’s joy. Thank you for all you do to serve others. You Are a Blessing!

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Deborah R., Toledo, OH

Pastor Nall, you are a blessing to me and the Body of Christ. I am pleased to be a part of your World Parish and to sow this seed into the ministry. What a blessing you are. Faithful. That's you. Faithful and faith filled. Thank you, Lord. You knew we would need Dr. Roe Nall, [...]

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Leslie W,

Rev. Nall, when I think of you, I give thanks to God for placing you and Mrs. Nall in my life. I thank you for living the life you peach about and being an example of what a godly life looks like. You always seek to help others and so I would like to sow [...]

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Pastor Nall, warm hell-o’s from Sunny California!! Thank you for all that you and Mrs. Nall did for me a struggling teen. …how amazing to be an ever-lasting blessing in so many lives, because you certainly are to me! I think of you all frequently. May God continue to bless you for the good you [...]

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Dear Pastor Nall, thank you for your prayers and the ministry you bring each week. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Please find enclosed a donation to support the ministry.

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Pastor Nall, we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to come to Pensacola to perform our insurance building dedication. It meant so much to all of us to have you here. We appreciate your continued prayers and support for our family and staff. We love you and pray God will richly bless you, [...]

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