My dear Pastor and friend, Dr. Roe Nall, Jr., thank you for all you did to make my 70th Surprise Party “one for the books!” Thank you for your generous gift and your presence! Knowing how jam packed your schedule is, it meant a lot to me that you MADE time to come and help me celebrate. I know that there was somewhere else where you were needed/expected, but you came to my special celebration. It was meaningful that my sons got to see the “priest” who prays for them (I forward them your prayers). There are so many ways you bless me, Louis, and our family. Your generosity with your resources and your TIME is truly indicative of the kind heart that resides within you. Your love and support is shown in so many ways to me (and others). Can’t ever thank you enough for all that you mean to me. I will always love you and your sainted wife and am grateful to God you are my pastor. God bless you abundantly! With loads of love, Ingrid, Suwanee, GA